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fitmust is a handheld dynamometer for testing muscle performance.

Fitmust is a handheld dynamometer that allows physiotherapists to measure isometric muscle strength, i.e., a measure of tension the muscle exerts during isometric contraction in relation to its length. Isometric muscle strength assessment has high consistency with people who have good (4/5) to normal (5/5) muscle strength scores, with excellent intra- operator and inter- day reliability.


Load cell sensor based force measurement

Gold Standard Laboratory tested

Bluetooth 4.x enabled

Instant readings from OLED display

OLED Screen

Load Cell

Foam Pad

fitmust app

Record and download muscle strength data

Use for your academic or clinical research

features of fitmust

Objective Documentation of Muscle Strength in kilogram force

Upgrade your clinic with state of the art assessment tools from Ashva Wear Tech and step into the future of deep tech healthcare. Force measurement ranges from 0 to 150 kilogram force for 16 muscle groups.

Powerful Report System to track progress of musculoskeletal patients

Record the results displayed on the high resolution OLED screen and provide dedicated muscle strength assessment reports to your patients.

Top Notch Quality and Accuracy

Every Fitmust device provides an accuracy of 98% or up to 0.1 kgf, so that you can provide the best care to your patients.

Affordable and Accessible After Market Servicing

Ashva Wear Tech prides itself on its affordable and rapidly accessible after market servicing. Our trained technicians will repair and resolve all your issues with genuine parts and short duration.

benefits of fitmust

Powerful clinical outcome measure for progress tracking

Fitmust gives a powerful progress measure for patients presenting with injuries like shoulder rotator cuff, ACL tear (post operative or conservative), hamstring tears, peripheral limb fractures, meniscus tear, etc.

Clear Goal Setting

Set meaningful goals by discussion, planning and documentation of outcomes to maximize patient engagement and personalize the rehabilitation plan according to every individual patient.

Improved patient adherence to physiotherapy

Leveraging accurate technology to measure person - centred progress will increase patient satisfaction with the treatment and thereby encourages patients to adhere to their complete treatment.

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user's feedback

Visu AVP IKP Knowledge Park

Pleasantly surprised by "MUDRA", such a simple device that could help in posture correction. Initial setup was quick and user friendly. App interface was clean and easy to adjust. Technical support team response to my queries was educational and professional.

Aparajita S Sr Associate Editor Yourstory Media

As a reporter, I spend hours hunched over a story. As a result, I developed horrible back pain and acquired a bad habit of slouching when sitting. Countless doctor visits, painkillers, ointments and balms later, I came across a study that said the only concrete way to treat back pain was adopting correct posture. I knew then that I'd found an answer to my problem — I only needed to implement it. Mudra has been a game changer for me in that regard. I love the sleek look of the device, and it’s whisper-quiet so it doesn’t bother me when I'm trying to focus. the regular taps when I start slouching are extremely useful - and I'm at a point now when a ‘ding’ goes off in my head when I'm slouching even if I'm not using my Mudra. the set up took less than a minute and was super easy. The data tracking feature really motivates me to keep up my correct posture streak. I've noticed a vast improvement in my posture and my back ache. Thanks to the mudra team for this amazing innovation.

Srishti Yadav Counseling Psychologist, Life Skills Trainer

Before I used to have constant back pain because of my sedentary lifestyle - working from home. 3 months back, Mudra came in as a saviour to me. Now I see tremendous change in my posture. I am sitting straight more. I have lesser back pains. My lower back is much more relaxed and strengthened now. The experience has been amazing also on the mobile app side because at the end of the day I can see for how long I was sitting straight, how long I was slouching. The vibrations can be customize based on my needs. And the principle that it works on- Classical Conditioning is an amazing principle and very well researched science. Being a Psychologist myself, I am happy to use, experience and see results from an application of this scientific principle.

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    – Ergonomic and comfortable grip in palm
    – Light weight, 350 g
    – Industrial design force plates for snug fit on upper and lower limbs
    – High quality foam pads for increase stability and accuracy
    – Gold standard lab calibrated for accuracy
    – High resolution OLED screen for kgf reading
    – Bluetooth BLE 4.0 for seamless wireless communication