Make Smarter Decisions
for Your Knees

What is fitknees?

Fitknees is a sensor-based wearable system.

Through simple exercises, fitknees measure vital parameters of your knees including Range of Motion, Muscle Strength, Balance, Quality of Walking, Ability to Climb Stairs, and Endurance to move for longer durations. It provides detailed data analytics reports called the Kneeport.

Six Hospital Lab Equipment in one Briefcase

Fitknees condenses Six Hospital Lab equipment worth crores on rupees, weighing over 25 Tonnes and requiring huge infrastructure, into a Sleek, Portable Briefcase!

fitknees 2

Benefits for patients

Understand your treatment goals

Gain clarity on what your physiotherapist will focus on, to give you the best results for your getting rid of your knee pain.

Set specific goals

Using detailed knee reports (Kneeports), set clear and time-bound goals for your physiotherapy.

Measure progress

Using Kneeports, understand what exercise plans work for you and what don’t. Get curated exercise plans with your therapists for best results.

Reduce pain recurrence

Evidence based physiotherapy means better results. Using the best expert and best technologies, you will be able to get the best results for your knee pain. And knee pain will not return again.

Benefits for doctors

Set a baseline

Begin the rehab program with a Fitknees Assessment to document the baseline for your patients.

Track progress

Using the fitknees report, clearly document progress of your patients periodically.

Improve communication

Use the Kneeport to clearly explain the necessity and goals of treatment to your patients and demonstrate the effectiveness of therapy.

Increase patient satisfaction

Kneeport allow you to document the progress of patients in therapy, thereby increasing their trust and relationship with you.

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