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mudra™ is a wearable spinal posture trainer

Based on years of scientific research, Mudra™ has been developed to prevent neck and back pain for people who spend a lot of time in sitting posture. Mudra™ reinforces the body’s internal feedback mechanism to correct poor posture with vibratory feedback. With continuous use for 21 days, sitting pain-free will automatically become a lifelong habit.

your personal posture trainer

Powerful motion sensor

Vibrational prompts

Fast charging and 7hrs battery life

Sticks on your back

our mudra™ app

Personalized to suit your lifestyle

Connected via Bluetooth BLE 5.0

Instant posture tracking

Detailed Data Analysis and Expert Support

health benefits of mudra™

Relieves Work related back Pain

By providing a corrective biofeedback when the spine is positioned out of optimal work postures, Mudra™ helps relieve back pain that is a result of increased stress placed on the spine during these postures.

Improves Spine Health

A preventive healthcare tech, Mudra™ is built for real-time postural monitoring and correction of sustained poor spinal posture. This can help prevent onset of first episode back and neck pain in someone who has no previous history of posture related spinal pain.

Improves Spine Position sense

Long term use of corrective strategies has shown to improve the spine position sense ie Proprioception of the spine. Improved spine position sense prevents back pain, improves sitting ability, enhances focus and improves work productivity.

Reduction in stress

A direct benefit of enhanced erect sitting ability is the ability to breathe well using a diaphragmatic breathing pattern, which research has established as a relaxed breathing pattern that reduces general stress, work related stress and anxiety.

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user's feedback

Visu AVP IKP Knowledge Park

Pleasantly surprised by "MUDRA", such a simple device that could help in posture correction. Initial setup was quick and user friendly. App interface was clean and easy to adjust. Technical support team response to my queries was educational and professional.

Aparajita S Sr Associate Editor Yourstory Media

As a reporter, I spend hours hunched over a story. As a result, I developed horrible back pain and acquired a bad habit of slouching when sitting. Countless doctor visits, painkillers, ointments and balms later, I came across a study that said the only concrete way to treat back pain was adopting correct posture. I knew then that I'd found an answer to my problem — I only needed to implement it. Mudra has been a game changer for me in that regard. I love the sleek look of the device, and it’s whisper-quiet so it doesn’t bother me when I'm trying to focus. the regular taps when I start slouching are extremely useful - and I'm at a point now when a ‘ding’ goes off in my head when I'm slouching even if I'm not using my Mudra. the set up took less than a minute and was super easy. The data tracking feature really motivates me to keep up my correct posture streak. I've noticed a vast improvement in my posture and my back ache. Thanks to the mudra team for this amazing innovation.

Srishti Yadav Counseling Psychologist, Life Skills Trainer

Before I used to have constant back pain because of my sedentary lifestyle - working from home. 3 months back, Mudra came in as a saviour to me. Now I see tremendous change in my posture. I am sitting straight more. I have lesser back pains. My lower back is much more relaxed and strengthened now. The experience has been amazing also on the mobile app side because at the end of the day I can see for how long I was sitting straight, how long I was slouching. The vibrations can be customize based on my needs. And the principle that it works on- Classical Conditioning is an amazing principle and very well researched science. Being a Psychologist myself, I am happy to use, experience and see results from an application of this scientific principle.

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    For people focussed on achieving their dreams while supporting their families, positive habit formation is a must-have skill. Mudra™ will become your daily work accessory, supporting your spine and eliminating work-related back and neck pain.
    Get your Mudra™ now for a lifelong pain-free sitting habit.

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