Many would hope that with more people having access to a better lifestyle (be it diet or healthcare), the number of ailments would gradually come down. Unfortunately, projections show the exact opposite. For example, the US National Centre of Biotechnology Information (NCBI) projected that the incidence of primary Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) will increase by 43% by 2050.


This expected increase in the volume and complexity of cases force a necessary step to be taken – effectively training the next generation of physiotherapists. And while this is a mammoth task, physiotherapy institutes have been taking care of this for a while. But here’s the deal – the future of physiotherapy is data-driven


So how do you make sure your institute doesn’t fall behind? You could partner and trust in someone who recognizes its importance just as much and designs equipment tailored to eliminate these concerns. You can invest in Ashva.


When we designed Fitkness and Fitmust, we ensured the design would not only be patient-friendly but also data-centric. Since medical students need to conduct research as a part of their study, our quickly-generated quantified reports like “Kneeports” make it the optimal research equipment. Not only will it allow students to put more statistics to back their conclusions, but our instantaneous documentation process also makes recording observations easier than before. 


While our quick report generation is excellent, that’s not the only feature that benefits physiotherapy researchers. Since both Fitknees and Fitmust have advanced software facilitated with complex machine learning algorithms, we take care of most equipment-related hassles. This leaves students with more time to focus on statistical interpretation than on adjustments and equipment parameters—high-quality research in lesser time with greater industry impact

All our features pave the way for upcoming physiotherapists to get accustomed to the integration of data into their practice – something this industry lacks to date. With the prominence of Evidence-Based Treatment (EBT) on the rise, Ashva leads the way in making metric-based physiotherapy equipment. With physios trying their best to stay up to date with the latest developments, both medically and technologically, investing in us is a step in the right direction.


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